Nonprofit Corporations

Assisting clients in obtaining tax-exempt status

Miracle Law can assist in the formation of a Non-Profit Corporation or with many of transactional needs they may have.  Many people don’t know that non-profit corporations still have annual reporting requirements under Michigan Law. Attention must be paid to set up the proper corporate formation with Officers and a Board of Directors. If an organization wants to solicit for or receive donations in Michigan, they must be registered with the Attorney General as a charitable organization.  Further, to be eligible for tax-exempt status, a Foundation or Non-Profit Corporation entity must apply with the IRS for recognition of Exemption.

Meaghan has a 100% success rate in assisting clients in obtaining tax-exempt status.  Meaghan typically can do this work on a fixed-price basis.  Contact Miracle Law to get started before you attempt to do this on your own!

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