Business Law

Plan for the beginning of your business and its future

Are you thinking of starting a business?

Miracle Law can assist you in selecting the right structure, create the formation documents and set up your initial operating agreement or shareholder agreement.

Are you a business owner?

Whether you intend to pass the business down to family members or sell it for wealth generation, Miracle Law can ensure you have the right documents set up.  Proper documents ensure your business is protected if there is a catastrophic event or acquisition.  You should also ensure the business succession plan works seamlessly with your estate plan.

Miracle Law can draft or negotiate business contracts, leases, employee policies, or other corporate needs.

Do you own any rental properties? For maximum protection from creditors, those should be held and titled in their own LLC (limited liability company).

Corporate formalities must be observed and records kept to keep the entity separate and distinct from your personal assets.

Are you buying or selling a business? Miracle Law can assist in any kind of purchase or sale, whether that includes tangible assets or real property.

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